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ANALISIS PENGARUH CAR, NIM, BOPO, LDR, GWM TERHADAP PERUBAHAN LABA (Studi Pada Bank Pembangunan Daerah Di Indonesia Periode 2005-2007)
Penulis : Adhista Setyarini, 2015-11-30, ISSN : 1693-7201, 22 Hal
This research is performed on order to test the influence of the variable Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR), Net Interest Margin (NIM), Biaya Operasional/Pendapatan Operasional (BOPO), Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR), dan Giro Wajib Minimum (GWM) toward Earning Changes.
Methodology research as the sample used purposive sampling, sample was accrued 26 Bank Pembangunan Daerah in Indonesia. Data analysis with multi linear regression of ordinary least square and hypotheses test used t-statistic and F-statistic at level of significance 5%, a classic assumption examination which consist of data normality test, multicolinearity test, hetersoskedasticity test and autocorrelation test is also being done to test the hypotheses.
During research period show as variabel and data research was normal distributed. Based on test, multicolinearity test, hetersoskedasticity test and autocorrelation test classic assumption deviation has no founded, this indicate that the available data has fulfill the condition to use multi linear regression model. This result of research show that variable BOPO and GWM did not influence Earning Changes. Variable CAR, NIM, and LDR positive significant influence toward Earning Changes. Prediction capability from these five variable toward Earning Changes is 20,6% where the balance 79,4% is affected to other factor which was not to be entered to research model.

Key Words: Earning Changes, Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR), Net Interest Margin (NIM), Biaya Operasional/Pendapatan Operasional (BOPO), Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR), and Giro Wajib Minimum.
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Penulis : Inayah Fatimah, 2015-11-30, ISSN : 1693-7201, 17 Hal
Many big cities in Indonesia was known as high density housing which might have problem in preserving open land, natural areas and public open space. The results of those situations are low quality of air and water, lack of greenery, flood during rainy season and water scarcity during summer. It is all about environmental mismanagement by human as inhabitants including us. Besides ecological issues, open greenery space in neighborhood area such as community garden, natural landscape, undeveloped land, etc has so many functions as public activities place.
Mix-used (commercial-residential or industrial-residential) neighborhoods in urban areas have common problem to create environmental friendly neighborhood, such as high cost land and limited spaces. Urban planner, architect, government, common people have important role in creating develop vibrant mix-used city while preserving natural environment and public open space (community open space).
Grand design need to be made by local government to solve the problem. Those are creating accommodative open greenery public space, conserving river and water resources from any pollution. Architect and urban planner have to consider making environmentally friendly design while designing houses and planning urban spaces. Common people should do an active role preserving greenery space as healthy greenery resource on grounded level.
A Neighborhood is more than just a geometric layout of building, walkways, and parking lot. It must provide well conceived environs for living the good, full life. Those include considerations of safety, convenience, and pleasure. Every home needs a place in which to set a plant. Every neighborhood needs a garden. (John Ormsbee Simonds, 1926).

Key words: environment, city, open space, greenery
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Penulis : Siti Zulaikhah, 2015-12-01, ISSN : 1693-7201, 9 Hal
The development of technology in the world of capital market may change our ways and perspectives in performing a particular action. The form of insider trading activity, for example, may be influenced by the way it develops from time to time and also by advances in technology. But if we look back at the nature of the regulation of this insider, the phrase "inside information" is the key to this problem. Internet as the basis of electronic media can bring progress to the development of the entire public. The question now is how the regulator. Bapepam in particular, provides a foundation of certainly in terms of the use of the internet as one of the major media in the delivery of the disclosure of information to the public.
To solve the problems of Insider Trading, Act No. 8 of 1995 on Capital Market needs to be amended, i. e. how to include the establishment of this Comission of Settlement of Capital Market Cases. The task of the Commission is to resolve cases in the capital markets, especially insider trading.
This paper attempts to show that Insider Trading is not in line with the principle of Islamic Muamalat because it is investment in the way that harms others. Actually, the practice of insider trading is not only forbidden in Islam, but also it is againts business ethics in general. Even regulation in the capital market it self has banned it.

Kata Kunci: Disclosure of Information, Insider Trading, Islamic Syaria
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