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  Volume 16
    Nomor 46
Penulis : Hj. Lilis Patimah, 2019-08-27, ISSN : 1693-7201, 16 Hal
The hadiths of Nabi Muhammad SAW have been contained in various standard hadith books which are known by the term al-pole al-tis'ah and have been circulating among the public at large. In the book found many terms that talk about issues of science and education. This proves that the hadiths of knowledge or education contained in these books are very numerous. Hadiths related to science are found in various books of Hadith references (al-polar altis’ah). These hadiths need to be tested for the validity of their validity and then they are also debated (analyzed) with various methods available to determine their contents in their entirety and comprehensively. Thus the urgency of the position of science in the perspective of the hadith, then in the books of the hadith there is a special theme of science called the word al-science. Even according to searches in the hadith dictionary, mu'jam al-mufahras li al-fadz al-hadith alnabawiyyah found information that approximately 822 hadiths use the word science, besides that there are also the words tarbiyah, ta'dib, and lafadz-lafadz others related to education, for example al-aql, al-fiqr, wisdom. More than that, the theme of education can also be analyzed from lafadz fitrah. (A. J. Wensick;1936: 312-338). Yet again when the contemplation of other Hadiths is focused on the use of the word alaql, alfiqr, alhikamah all of which are related to the problem of science, of course the number is increasing. Indeed, in the history of the prophet it is known that he always teaches his friends about various sciences in his daily life. He delivered his teachings on various sciences formally through a science council forum, besides that he also delivered knowledge informally through informal meetings so that it was understood that Nabi Muhammad SAW had, during his life, paid special attention to the problem of science. The prophet's response and stimulus to the problem of science, at least can be seen from his hadiths that use science with a very high frequency.

Keywoards : Hadith, the urgency of the position of science

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