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  Volume 16
    Nomor 46
Penulis : Ridwan Abdul Wahab, 2019-08-27, ISSN : 1693-7201, 12 Hal
In general, humans are easily affected by the environment, especially when their souls are unstable, chaotic, lack of education, poor, or in a state of panic. Likewise, children, given their young age, lack of experience, and less education, because their thinking is not yet critical and their development is not yet perfect. Such circumstances can affect the child's personality leading to the bad. If an educator finds his child has a personality that is not good, then the educator is obliged to align his personality in accordance with the teachings of Islam and the goals of educators. If not straightened and allowed to harm the development of personal personality and way of thinking and forming himself later. In an effort to straighten this personality can be done by dialogue, by giving examples, advice, and so on. Thus the attitude and behavior that is not good that will not be liked. Thus teaching morality in children's self-development plays an important role in fostering good deeds and attitudes away from actions that are prohibited by Allah SWT, as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad SAW since the age of children.

Keywords : education, child's personality, morality

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